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We are celebrating! ZUNIBAL turns 25 and to celebrate it we invite you to join us on a journey through our history.

At ZUNIBAL we have been developing electronic products and services since 1995 for application in the marine sector. This is our story:

In 1998 we presented the first satellite buoy on the market, with a sounder for the detection of tuna in real time, with global coverage.

In the following years we created new products, such as the Zun-Net sounder, the Blue Box for monitoring the Spanish fleet, and the Zun-Sat, a voice and data communications system.

Our commitment to innovation and development results in a new satellite buoy of smaller size and weight, reducing the environmental impact and optimizing its handling and logistics.

Since 2014 we have adopted ecodesign as part of our manufacturing philosophy, and today we are the only ecodesigned buoy manufacturers on the market. This, together with the implementation of Lean-Manufacturing to make the production process effective, makes us more flexible, faster and better.

In 2016 the new generation of Zunibal products was born. The Tuna8 Explorer buoy, with which we manage to multiply its capacity to send information per hour. The Zunfloat floating platform, which is reusable and environmentally friendly, as well as easy to handle and transport. The Zuntrack app, which allows the owner to have control of the buoys and the fleet in his hand, wherever and whenever he wants.

The following year new types of buoys arrive: Anteia for wave measurement, Zunliner for longline fishing and the ZuniSOS monitoring and emergency buoy. Thanks to the work of our acousticians, in 2018 we implemented new improvements to the buoy and created the Tuna8 Xtreme, with the detection range adapted to the target species, drilling three times more and deeper.

In 2020 we received the “ON” Award for internationalization, thanks to the opening of markets around the world. And so, from one end of the planet to the other, from Samoa to Ecuador, with a presence in all relevant countries in fishing and exporting 80% of production, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

We appreciate your trust and we look to the future with the same enthusiasm that we started this adventure.