To offer a more complete service to the user we have developed a series of complements to install on the satellite communications systems of fishing vessels.
Product Details

A comprehensive communications system

  • With the premise of facilitating the day-to-day activity on the vessel, at Zunibal we have developed a series of complements to make the use of the satellite communication equipment more comfortable.
  • Pre-pay cards for satellite calls.
  • Buzzer.
  • Siren for external zones and speakers for cabins.
  • The siren and speaker system can be configured as appropriate according to the needs of the user.

User-orientated and robust design

  • Manufactured by robust and marinized materials that guarantee its durability. A product conceived to be installed quickly and with ease.
  • It incorporates a buzzer and/or sirens so that the incoming call notification can be heard throughout the boat.

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