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Monitoring Buoy

The monitoring buoy created by Zunibal sends its position automatically every hour. In addition, thanks to its Z-Alert app, it is possible to manage the entire fleet from your smartphone and view the status of each ship.
Product Details

1 position per hour

  • Latitude, longitude, heading, speed, date and time.
  • Management of the fleet for fishing control.
  • Work areas and prohibited areas.
  • Position / trace history.
  • Show / Hide EEZ.

Solar charge

  • No need for external load.
  • No need for installation.
  • It continues to work in case of sinking or failure of the ship.


  • It floats on water.
  • It can be located in case of sinking.

Global coverage

  • Iridium communicator

Web with adaptive design

  • The data wherever you want, whenever you want:
    • PC, smartphone and tablet.

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