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ZGT – Zunibal’s Geofence Tracker

The ZGT buoy provides efficient and sustainable fishing. It has been designed with high efficiency solar panels that do not require maintenance, spare parts or consumables, avoiding additional costs. Its robust and marineized construction guarantees the tightness of the product, thus extending its useful life.
Product Details


Independent and autonomous solution

Prevents the loss of any anchored object.

No maintenance required

– Easy installation.
– No need for external charging.
– Fully autonomous device.

Global coverage

– Iridium Satellite System.

Easy and intuitive web interface

– Data wherever you want, whenever you want:
PC, smartphone and tablet.
– History of position and traces.
– Download data in CSV.


See alarms relating to your asset on your smartphone!

App Z-Alert    |   E-Mail  |     SMS (conditions apply)

– Real time information.
– Receive any type of alarm directly on
your smartphone.
– Notifications of the activity of your asset.

Geofencing with ZGT

Configurable geofence radius from 0,1 nautical miles.

Normal mode

The buoy will check its position every 10 minutes and send it every 4 hours.

Alarm mode

Alarm mode is activated as soon as the tracker device leaves a pre-established geofence area. On activation, the tracker sends its position every 15 minutes for a total of four hours.
After the initial four-hour period, the tracker will return to sending location alerts once every four hours. However, users will be able to poll the tracker for a further 72 hours to receive immediate and on-demand location data.


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