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Vessel Tracer iVMS

Détails du produit


    • Inshore vessel monitoring device for SSF/Artisanal fisheries
    • For vessels under 12m in length.
    • No external antenna required.
    • Line-powered cellular MTU
    • IP 67 casing.
    • Tamper proof device with laser engraved serial number.
    • Internal Li-ion battery back-up, capable of transmitting over 1000 reports when operating on battery power alone, up to 7 days operation in complete darkness.
    • Celular technology. Very low operational costs.
    • GSM/GPRS technology.
    • High frequency reporting: Can transmit positional data up to once a minute.
    • No roaming charges.
    • Store-and-forward technology when outside cell-phone coverage.
    • Can store up to 500,000 position reports.
    • Can be connected via Bluetooth to a tablet or phone to transmit catch/discard data
    • Operating range of 9 to 36 V DC.
    • Small and light weight:

    »Length: 172 mm
    »Width: 127 mm
    »Height: 43 mm
    »Weight: 530 grams


  • Small and discreet LEDs to avoid being seen by neighbouring vessels yet sufficiently bright to be clearly visible to fisher:
    External power LED: allows fishers to see if the device is being powered by the vessel’s main power or the internal battery.
    Battery charge level LED: Variable Green/Amber/Red LED allows fishers to see the battery charge level of the device.
    Geofence LED (optional): The device calculates geofence coordinates internally so that fishers can instantly see when they have entered a prohibited area.
    Warning LED: Allows fishers to see if there is a problem with the device before leaving port or while at sea.


  • Track and trace the vessel’s movements using Zunibal’s online and secure platform.
  • Latitude, longitude, course, speed, date and time.
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