1st Photo contest «20th anniversary, dedicating to the sea»

1st Photo contest «20th anniversary, dedicating to the sea»


The passion for technology and innovation is our DNA and this has allowed us to get here, being today a company of worldwide reference and pioneer in solutions applied to fishing. But after 20 years looking to the future, we want to pause to wink at the past and share with you these 20 years of innovation, joys, triumphs, not exempt from moments of uncertainty, but always overcome with the commitment and confidence of all those who Somehow you have been part of this great family.

That is why we have convened the 1st PHOTO CONTEST «20th anniversary dedicating to the sea», from where we will get 12 photographs related to the sea to illustrate a wall calendar that we are going to edit, and in which we invite you to participate to all of you: Fishermen, family members, shipowners, cofradías, distributors, workers of Zunibal … that is to say, to all those who to a greater or lesser extent have made it possible after 20 years to continue with enthusiasm in this project.

Thank you very much.


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