We help clean coasts and oceans with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

We help clean coasts and oceans with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

We are proud to announce that we are part of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup association, whose objective is to contribute to the cleaning of the coasts around the world. The idea is to collaborate in the impulse towards a positive change in the oceans, with cleaner seas and sustainable marine life. Thanks to our contribution, they can acquire material to keep the beaches clean and protect marine fauna. In addition, they will provide educational workshops in schools around the world to inspire all generations and protect our oceans. In this way we intend to minimize the disturbance caused by human development in the oceans and, consequently, in climate change.

We encourage you to help keep the beaches and seas clean, since they are part of the planet we live on. In Zunibal we will continue working so that all our products have sustainability as a fundamental principle and can cause the least possible impact on the marine environment.

If you want to know more about this cause, you can check the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup page: https://www.bigblueoceancleanup.org/.

Zunibal: Official memeber of BBOC



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