Winners of the ON Award!

Winners of the ON Award!

[wpse_leading] We received the internationalization award thanks to our growth in the market [/ wpse_leading]

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ON Prize for Internationalization. The reason for this award has been the expansion into the Asian market thanks to the commercialization of our ZuniSOS buoy in Vietnam.

Thanks to this rescue device, fishing vessels are able to report any emergency suffered on the ship. When activating its emergency mechanism, an SMS is sent to the ship owner and the Call Center, who will coordinate the rescue quickly. The buoy will automatically send its position every 15 minutes to facilitate rescue. In addition, thanks to its Z-Alert app, it is possible to manage the entire fleet from your smartphone and view the status of each ship.

In Zunibal we aim to innovate and market in different countries, both our product and diversify with new products and new markets. In this way, in addition to Vietnam, we have managed to have a presence in more than 10 countries, such as Peru, Ghana and Japan, and we will continue working to adapt to the technology that different countries need.


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