Seanergy: Zunibal travels to Normandy

Seanergy: Zunibal travels to Normandy

[leading]This 22nd and 23rd of March, Zunibal has traveled to La Havre (Normandy) to attend the second edition of the renewable marine energy event: Seanergy. There, we’ve presented the ANTEIA Directional Wave Buoy, our oceanographic buoy designed for using the wave energy.[/leading]

Zunibal showing our ANTEIA Directional Wave Buoy at Seanergy

This event has welcomed 3,000 participants, 220 exhibitors from 15 European countries and has brought together the most important companies in the energetic-marine sector. The aim of Seanergy is to promote renewable energy and support projects related to these initiatives. Likewise, it aims to strengthen the positioning of the New Aquitania-Euskadi region in this sector.







This was how our booth looked like at the Seanergy event:

stand anteia f

stand anteia 2Seanergy

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