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About us

El mar nos mueve, nos inspira, nos impulsa. Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras para afrontar los retos del sector marino y garantizar su sostenibilidad.













Historical Facts

Zunibal Foundation

At Zunibal we have been developing electronic services and products based on unique investigation and designs for their application in the marine sector for twenty years. We develop personalised and adapted technological solutions. Solutions that boast the confidence of our clients and which respond to their needs and the evolution of the market. We collaborate with other companies and technological centres in the development of innovative products that ensure the sustainability of marine resources.

We offer a comprehensive service, including investigation, design, prototyping, industrialisation and post-sale service. Investigation, cutting-edge technology and an excellent team are the tools we have to work every day. Thanks to these elements and to our passion for the sea, we continue working each day for the marine and fishing sector.





Technology is essential but without a good team it is merely hardware and software. People who contribute their know-how, knowledge and passion for their work are fundamental.
People with highly varied profiles who complement each other. Marin biologists, engineers, IT experts, administrative officers and sales experts who pool their knowledge, desire and commitment to turn projects into reality and who ensure that Zunibal continues to evolve day by day.



Zunibal 2013

Zunibal 2016

Strategic location

We have three facilities making up a total of almost 6,000 m2. Two in Biscay and one in the free zone of the port of Vigo. These locations allow us to be close to our clients and also quickly reach any corner of the world.

Our headquarters and central factory in Derio has facilities equipped with the latest machinery, allowing us to develop the product from beginning to end. We also have cutting-edge technology to develop, among other things, investigation applied to the development of new products, new materials or marine investigation.

From the idea to the product

We are pioneers in the use of satellite communications applied to fishing, and have an important R&D&I department that works on the development and innovation of new products that facilitate and improve the sustainability on fishing.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service: we have a product-design area and machining, manufacturing, verification and technical service zones. We produce everything from the prototype mould to the final product. We package and distribute it. Our product is born and handled in our facilities only, from the factory to the boat.

Verification and test

We have the most state-of-the-art technology to develop our products, and with rigorous verification and test systems that fulfil all requirements and regulations, both legal and operational.

  • Level 2 test machinery
  • Climatic chamber
  • Salt spray chamber


Our logistics department offers an immediate response and manages the delivery of materials swiftly in any part of the world. The proximity to the airport in Loiu (Biscay) and the port of Bilbao, together with our fleet of vehicles, are two advantages that help us handle deliveries effectively.
In order to be quick in all the markets in which we operate, we also have warehouses with permanent stock in the strategic ports at international level.


Zunibal in the world


Quality and Innovation

The whole Zunibal team is geared towards an organisation and management model that facilitates the generation of ideas and the transfer of knowledge, just contributing a greater added value to our clients and greater quality in the traceability of our products, from investigation to the post-sale service.

We promote investigation development and innovation in the design and eco-design, taking into account the integration of environmental factors to improve its sustainability throughout its life cycle. We are the first company in the sector to offer an eco-designed satellite buoy for tuna fishing. We have implemented the eco-design as a management system, thus offering environmentally friendly technological solutions with less of an impact on the planet. We work to increase the satisfaction of our clients, offering them products that are new, innovative and unique in the market, anticipating their needs.