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Zunibal_Tuna8Xtreme_EcoD_Destacado-1 copia

High definition professional sounder: 4,320 soundings per day, detection range adapted to the target species and scale enlarged to 120 meters.

Tuna8Explorer_EcoD_SP copia

Tuna8 Explorer, Eco-designed satellite buoy for efficient and sustainable tuna fishing. 1.440 soundings per day (sounds every minute and 24 automatic soundings every day.


ZunFloat is the floating platform developed by Zunibal for tuna fishing. It is resistant and it suitably bears the blows it receives, being friendlier to the marine environment.


Maps for tuna fishing: temperature, plancton, salinity, altimetry, HotTunaPoints and oceanographic data.


Integral management tool that optimizes and facilitates the tuna fishing. This totally autonomous unit offers a full control of the buoys and fishing tools with no need of alternative equipment.

ZuniSeaOffice_principal1 (1) copia

Integral management tool for the tuna fishing. Autonomous unit with fishing tools for a full control of the buoys and the fleet from the office.

Zunisea-Carats copia

The Admiralty Raster Chart service is a practical and very useful complement to facilitate navigation and fishing. More than 3,000 digital charts with extensive coverage of international ports.


Eco-designed satellite buoy for efficient and sustainable tuna fishing. Together with the ZuniSea Office and ZuniSea Controller equipment, it makes up a comprehensive service for tuna fishing.