ZuniSea Controller

Integral management tool that optimizes and facilitates tuna fishing. This totally autonomous unit offers a full control of the buoys and fishing tools with no need for alternative equipments, since it has its own built-in high-speed satellite communicator.

Product Details


  • Cost savings in communications, built-in transceiver unit with no need of auxiliary equipments.
  • Offers real-time information (GPS position, course, speed, water temperature,etc).
  • Agile and intuitive system, configurable according to the needs of each user.
  • For-TunaChart software included (temperature, plankton, alti metry, salinity, etc.).
  • Real-time communication, secure and confidential.


  • Real-ti me information. Immediate answers (3 minutes approx.).
  • High speed data built-in transceiver unit.
  • Secure and confidenti al communications.
  • Real world wide global coverage.


  • Scalable, according to user needs.
  • Ad hoc menus.
  • Agile and intuitive system.
  • Graphics of the fishing history.


  • New hardware, robust construction and suitable for the sea environment.
  • High speed CPU, with no fans.
  • Latest generation microprocessor.


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