In-house development and innovation of tailor-made products


We have spent 20 years working with our own technology on the development of advanced products for a sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing model. We collaborate with technological centers confronting new challenges and proposing new products.

Hardware design and development

  • Electronic design for the SMD assembly
  • Applications in the field of communications via radio and satellite
  • Submarine acoustic transmission systems
  • Developments based on solar energy and energy storage systems

Software design and development

  • Graphic design tools, cartography, bathymetric maps, heat maps, plankton, salinity, etc
  • Control and monitoring of fleets
  • Submarine acoustic signal processing
  • Satellite communications control
  • Remote surroundings monitoring
  • Satellite communications with international coverage
  • Data processing centre

Mechanical design

  • Modelling of moulds for injection
  • Machining of moulds
  • Design of acoustic transducers

Verification and test

  • Level 2 test machinery
  • Climatic chamber
  • Salt spray chamber
  • Climatic trials of the equipment in the sea