Fortunacharts Maps

Maps for tuna fishing for using in the ZuniSea: temperature, plankton, salinity, altimetry, HotTunaPoints and oceanographic data.

Product Details


  • Temperature in °C.
  • Importance of the gradients to determine possible fishing fronts.


  • Concentration of Chlorophyll (Phytoplankton) in mg/m3.
  • Importance of the gradients to determine possible fishing fronts.


  • Measured in Practical Salinity Units (PSU).
  • Related to the temperature in the generation of convective currents by density differences.


  • Measured in meters.
  • Importance when setting the buoys and to determine possible fishing fronts.
  • It is the ellipsoidal height of a point of the sea surface averaged over a long period of time.

Hot Tuna Points maps

Higher fishing probability areas.

Oceanographic data (by buoy)

  • Information in the water column at different depths: temperature, depth currents and shear.
  • It helps to decide in advance whether to go to a fishing area or not, in case the currents are strong and the net is likely to break.
  • You can configure the forecast 1, 2 or 3 days in advance.


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