Zuni E7 Buoy

The Zunibal Zuni e7 Buoy is a satellite tracking and monitoring buoy for more efficient and sustainable tuna fishing The fast and reliable tracking of the object is essential. Therefore, we have designed a robust, easy to manage, highly reliable, eco-designed buoy. This buoy, together with the management software, ZuniSea Controller or ZuniSea Office, will give you a significant saving of time and fuel, in addition to enabling you to practice sustainable fishing.

Product Details


  • Tracking flashes to facilitate its recovery.
  • Automatic management of energy consumption.
  • Single flat rate.
  • On-demand requests.
  • Information in real time.

Sustainable, robust and marinized design

  • Flatter surface better integrated in the setting.
  • Colour developed for its integration in the marine environment.
  • Designed with solar panels.
  • Free of maintenance, replacements and consumables.
  • The robust and marinized design guarantees the watertightness of the product, extending its useful life.


Modes of operation

Automatic mode

  • Two complete information packages per day.

Manual mode

  • On-demand user requests

Tracking mode

  • A message every 15 minutes for 2 hours


Zunibal Zuni7 (EN) Download
Catálogo sistema integral pesca de atún (ES) Download


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