Zunibal’s innovative drumline solution protects bathers and allows captured sharks to be safely released at sea.

Zunibal, a leader in the field of innovation and development of advanced technological solutions dedicated to sustainable fisheries and marine monitoring, has been selected as the supplier of Catch Alert Buoys for the Queensland Government’s Shark Control Program, an initiative that has been in place for the past sixty years.

Australia, famous for its idyllic beaches and surf culture, faces a constant challenge: coexistence with sharks. In response to growing concerns about public safety and the preservation of the marine ecosystem, Queensland authorities have devoted considerable effort to developing strategies that balance the protection of swimmers and surfers with the conservation of these marine species.

Since the 1960’s, a combination of shark mesh nets and baited hooks, known as “drumlines” have been used by Queensland Shark Control Program to help protect swimmers from shark attacks in Queensland. The program has historically focused on the elimination of sharks that enter swimming areas.

The Queensland government has sought to move towards a more environmentally sustainable program whereby sharks that are captured on the drumlines can be tagged and released offshore. A public Tender seeking solutions to safely release caught sharks led to a collaboration between Future Oceans, an Australian based marine environmental organization, and Zunibal.

In response to the Tender, using its thirty years of experience in satellite buoy technology Zunibal has designed a new and highly innovative “Catch Alert Buoy”.

unibal's Catch Alert Buoy for shark monitoring program in Queensland The Catch Alert Buoys feature cutting-edge engineering innovations enabling the device to instantly notify authorities when a shark is captured, providing real-time alerts. The Catch Alert Bouy automatically forwards text message notifications, including the time and location the shark has been captured, ensuring responders attend to the captured shark immediately. The sharks are then tagged and taken offshore and released safely.

The Zunibal Catch Alert Buoy system not only increases beach safety but also provides an opportunity for scientists to continually monitor shark behavior which will lead to a better understanding of how interactions between sharks and swimmers can be reduced.

Zunibal, with its nearly three decades of experience of innovation in tuna fishing technology, has been able to make a valuable contribution to the creation of cross-cutting and effective solutions for the marine ecosystem. Its ability to adapt and apply its vast experience and advanced technology towards sustainability and protection of the marine environment not only demonstrates its commitment to innovation but also its responsibility towards a more conscious and respectful development of the marine environment.