Zunibal presents the first industrialized biodegradable fad raft.

Zunibal: pioneers in the industrialized solution of the future biodegradable fad.

The world of fishing is constantly evolving, looking for solutions that not only optimize processes, but also contribute to environmental conservation. In this context, Zunibal has taken a significant step by presenting its industrialized floating platform (raft) made of 100% biodegradable materials, an innovative solution that sets the tone towards more sustainable and responsible fishing practices.


Zunibal presenta la parrilla flotant industrializada hecha 100% de materiales biodegradables

Held on October 26, this workshop is part of a joint project between Zunibal and AZTI, aimed at testing the effectiveness, under real conditions, of the Zunibal-designed industrialized biodegradable raft. AZTI, for its part, will coordinate the testing of this device, paying special attention to evaluating its functionality for real fishing activities. The event was attended by representatives of important fishing associations and companies in the sector, including OPAGAC-AGAC, ANABAC, Pevasa, Albacora, Echebastar, Ugavi, Inpesca, Atunsa y Tri Marine, thus strengthening collaboration between the different actors in the industry.


Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) are updating their regulations to increase the use of biodegradable materials in FADs, with the aim of conserving marine ecosystems and promoting responsible fishing practices.

In this context, Zunibal reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability, introducing its industrialized 100% biodegradable FAD raft. This solution is not only robust and effective, but represents an evolution from its predecessor product, ZunFloat, retaining its essential characteristics but also adding the value of biodegradability. By breaking down naturally, the risk of marine pollution is eliminated, leaving no harmful waste in our oceans.

This initiative not only reflects Zunibal‘s commitment to the environment, but also presents tangible benefits for companies in terms of savings in materials, labour and transportation. Additionally, it aligns fishing companies with environmental regulations, strengthening their corporate responsibility and reputation. With this step, Zunibal positions itself as a leader in sustainable solutions for fishing, pointing the way towards a future that is more respectful to the environment.


“At Pevasa, we are working with the original Zunfloat model from Zunibal, and it is really a very positive experience. Despite facing adverse marine conditions, this drifting FAD has not disappointed. We are surprised by its resistance and how it maintains its shape over time”.
According to Pevasa “We want to see how this project progresses and we contemplate the integration of this biodegradable d-FAD raft into our operations”.


During the workshop, participants spoke about the current context of fishing, regulations, and the role of RFMOs. Special emphasis was placed on how these factors influence the use of FADs in various oceans and the need to adapt to current regulations. As a result, a joint action plan was established between AZTI, Zunibal and the fishing companies present, outlining the steps to follow for the implementation and real-world evaluation of the biodegradable FAD. This project seeks to validate the functionality and effectiveness of the product, ensuring that it meets industry standards and represents a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional drifting FAD rafts


This action plan not only seeks to demonstrate the viability of Zunibal’s biodegradable FAD, but also to lay the foundation for its adoption on a larger scale, thus contributing to progress towards more responsible and environmentally friendly fishing practices. Zunibal, with the launch of its 100% biodegradable industrial FAD raft, reinforces its position as a pioneer in technology for sustainable tuna fishing, demonstrating that operational efficiency and environmental respect can go hand in hand.

If you are interested in learning more about Zunibal’s sustainable solutions and how they can benefit your fishing operation, do not hesitate to contact us: zunibal@zunibal.com.