Zunibal presents its new visual identity

  • Zunibal unveils its new logo and visual identity, marking a milestone in its evolution and reaffirming its commitment to innovation in sustainable tuna fishing.
  • The redesign reflects the vision of a global community committed to a more responsible future, prioritizing the sustainable management of marine resources

Derio, Bizkaia, May 20, 2024. – Today Zunibal presents its new logo and renewed visual identity. This transformation marks a milestone in the evolution of the brand, highlighting its commitment to innovation, sustainability and traceability in tuna fishing. The redesign reflects the vision of a global community oriented towards a more responsible future, with a strong focus on modernization of the fishing industry and sustainable management of marine resources.

In 1995, Zunibal was born with the vision of creating innovative products for tuna fishing and moving towards the development of sustainable technological solutions that would transform the industry. From the beginning, it carried progress in its DNA, launching the first satellite-connected buoy for tuna fishing, a milestone that transformed fishing practices worldwide. Thus, what began as a visionary idea has grown into a global company with nearly 30 years of experience, more than 80 employees and customers in more than 45 countries around the world. Zunibal’s story is the tale of a pioneering, transformative and constantly evolving company.

Zunibal’s transformation includes an update of its logo, which combines the company’s name with a symbol that reflects the idea of radar and traceability of its products, but also Zunibal as a guide and compass within the sector towards a sustainable future. This image symbolizes the company’s evolution towards a more holistic and responsible approach. The color palette, which combines shades of blue evoking the ocean and technology, and green for sustainability, underlines the company’s commitment to protecting the marine environment and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

In the words of Ibone Rodriguez de Pablo, CEO and shareholder of Zunibal: “Our new visual identity reflects the evolution we have experienced in recent years. We promote sustainability and circularity projects, redesigning each product with a focus on its environmental impact. We are innovating in our production processes by using renewable materials. In addition, we are collaborating closely with research centers, scientists and industry to provide data and create efficient technological solutions that benefit the sector.

For decades, Zunibal has been a pioneer in innovation, but now it is time to amplify and elevate our contribution even further. We take on the challenges of the sector as our own and work tirelessly to generate positive change, both in the industry and in society.

Despite this visual change, Zunibal maintains its focus and dedication to more efficient, sustainable and responsible fishing. The values of closeness, responsibility and commitment remain unchanged, now reinforced with a forward-looking image, where collaboration, innovation and resilience combine to deliver sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Zunibal’s new tagline, “Moved by the Ocean”, illustrates how the company is attentive to marine ecosystems, professionals and industry associations, which drives Zunibal to develop sustainable technological solutions that transform the industry and protect the oceans.

With this change of image, Zunibal reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability and traceability in tuna fishing, positioning itself as a benchmark in the industry and an ally for the conservation of marine resources and the environment.