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A secure and confidential satellite communications system with global coverage is essential for the fishing fleet. That is why at Zunibal we are developing the ZunSat satellite communication system. High-quality voice communication complemented by sirens and a buzzer to facilitate the notification of incoming calls, in addition to complete management of emails in an intuitive and easy-to-handle graphic environment.
Product Details

Saving in communications

  • Bespoke communication plans.
  • Pre-pay solutions for the crew.
  • Balance alerts.
  • Restricted access to calls via PIN.
  • Email without monthly quotas or licence and/or domain costs.

High-quality communications

  • High-quality confidential and secure communications.
  • International telephone access to land and via email.
  • Spam-free email (no junk mail).
  • Communication with vessels of any size or nationality.
  • Capacity to receive and send information via email.

Real global coverage

  • Global coverage through Iridium satellites.
  • Free of maintenance and without mobile antenna parts.

Robust, user-orientated design

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Incorporates buzzer and/or sirens to hear the incoming call notification throughout the boat.
  • Multi-language.
  • Complete management of emails in an intuitive graphic environment.

Comprehensive communications system

We have developed a comprehensive communications system, the protagonist of which is the ZunSat, but which is complemented by a series of products:

  • Pre-pay virtual cards for satellite calls.
  • Buzzer.
  • Siren for external zones.
  • Speakers for cabins.

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