Zunibal committed to Sustainability

Zunibal committed to Sustainability

[leading] One more year Zunibal has obtained the Eco-Design certificate on their buoys for tuna fishing, being the only company in the world that has it.[/leading]

In this way, we continue with our commitment to Sustainability and care for the Environment in the design and manufacture of our products.

This eco-innovative approach offers us three advantages that are transferred to our products and our way of working:

  1. We minimize the environmental impact of our products.
  2. We anticipate the legal requirements, increasingly demanding in environmental matters.
  3. We seek new approaches to implement new technologies and materials that improve the environmental characteristics of the product and its process.

The Ecodesign certification is in addition to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Quality Certificates that we already had, and demonstrates our commitment to the development of products that respect the environment and guarantee a more sustainable exploitation of resources in the tuna fishing sector. and marine.


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