ZUNIBAL participates as a pilot project in the European LCiP project

ZUNIBAL participating as a pilot project in the European LCiP project

As part of the European LCiP project, the Energy Cluster is collaborating with two member companies on two pilot projects.

ZUNIBAL is one of the two chosen companies, in which tools such as life-cycle analysis and the identification of the environmental impact of its processes and/or products are being implemented.circulo

The project, which aims to reduce the environmental and economic impacts of the products and services we offer through the application of life-cycle methodologies, is being developed by cd2e in France, GreenWin in Belgium, LNEG in Portugal and Prospektiker in Spain. The main impact of the project consists of the implementation of tools such as Life-Cycle Analysis, Ecodesign or Ecolabelling schemes.

Once again, we at ZUNIBAL are working to ensure that the exploitation of fishery resources today does not jeopardise the future. The sea is our lifeblood and we must take care of it in order to preserve the future.



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