ZUNIBAL will be the official data provider of the ACT

ZUNIBAL will be the official data provider of the ACT

Last Tuesday, June 5, ZUNIBAL and the ACT (Association of Trawler Clubs) signed an agreement confirming that we will be the official wave data providers in the Eusko Label League. In this way, the ANTEIA WAVE BUOY  will be present in all the races and will show in real time the height, direction and period of the waves of the field. This information will be available both for the clubs and for the spectator, since the data will be shown in each retransmission on television on the EiTB channel.

The innovative technology that our ANTEIA oceanographic buoy has, in addition to its reduced dimensions (26Kg and 0.6m in diameter) and its GPS have made the ACT to place its trust in ZUNIBAL, since it has an essential maneuverability for this type of events and excellent data transmission capacity (Watch video).

So, yesterday, June 10, we began to provide real-time data of the height, period and direction of the waves during La Bandera de Lekeitio, reporting live and transmitting the data every minute. The technology we offer will be a great help for planning both this event and the next ones of the Eusko Label League.






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